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Getting a Professional Title

Professional Title is the symbol of profession that provides an internationally recognized professional standard in the eyes of government, employers and public. Professionals are preferred during employment by the governmental agencies, private companies and academic institutes.

As it guarantees the public that you possess the required skills by learning about essentials of your field. This demonstrates your dedication towards the highest practice standard in the engineering industry.

Our Vision

Our accreditation body aims at the improvement of engineering and project management education in the United States and acquire leading position among other accreditation bodies.

Certified Professional Architecture
Engineers and Project Managers

Getting a certified professional engineer title is the main objective of every architecture engineer and project manager. Receiving a certified professional engineer title from American Society for Architectural Engineering and Project Managers provides peer reviewed and official recognition of your professional skills. This title is an honor associated with the engineering and project management profession.


Do you possess the required skills to get a Certified Professional Engineer Title?

A Certified Architecture Engineer:

  • Makes use of non-routine methods to solve complicated problems.
  • Retains the highest level of competence.
  • Advances new technology.
  • Internationally recognized.
  • Ethical practitioner with the highest professional reliability.
  • Solves issues.



Why become a Certified Professional Architecture Engineer?

  • Attain the symbol of excellence for your profession.
  • Create an approval seal by your peers for your competency and knowledge.
  • Get better employment opportunities.
  • Achieve the competitive advantage by international recognition.
  • Acquire further education in the architecture engineering and project management.

How to get ASAEPM’s Certified Professional Engineer Title?

How to get ASAEPM’s Certified Professional Engineer Title?


Jessica Silvas

Getting a professional title from ASAEPM shows my commitment towards highest standards in the engineering domain.


Richard Read

My professional title provided me with better employment opportunities all over the world.


Larry Lee

Certified professional engineer title leads to pay increase, as compared to engineers without a certified professional title.