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Scholarships for Young Engineers based on Sustainability

Five future pioneering engineers from the institutes accredited from ASAEPM were the first one to receive a special grant designed to develop students' talent, passion, and courage to achieve global sustainability.

The first scholarships were created by Universities accredited from ASAEPM worth $ 13.5 million. The United States awarded the architecture engineer and project managers with the award that focused on sustainability. This award have been announced for those who are the recipients of scholarship and for the people with global thinking and sustainability for the future.

ASAEPM have supported the researchers and students who have solved sustainable development problems linked to Globalism. The selected students also get up to $ 10,000 in support of their business and for covering their expenses. ASAEPM will also provide a unique set of extracurricular activities such as structured leadership training. Scientists will develop a broad range of knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, systematic thinking and new digital technologies.

ASAEPM is of the view that the world works today at the intersection of power, business and science, and in the age of digital technology, crowded stress and anxiety need solutions. These young people, the best of five of our comrades, sets a precedent for a new generation of leaders who will create the basis of decisions that will benefit all humanity.