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About Us

American Society for Architectural Engineering and Project Managers Council sets and maintains the internationally recognized standards of the professional standards for education in engineering. We are one of the world’s leading professional societies for technicians and engineers and our accreditation covers a broad range of subjects that includes electrical, mechanical, electronic and architecture engineering.

ASAEPM promotes quality engineering education across Europe so the engineering graduates are fully prepare to face the issues that are demanded by the engineering projects these days. ASAEPM is an internationally recognized body for degree awarding post-secondary programs in engineering. In addition to this, We aim for the improvement of architecture engineering education in the European region and stand among the top accrediting bodies.

ASAEPM also provides guarantee that a college or university program fulfils the quality standards developed by the engineering industry. ASAEPM accreditation system comprises of all the major profiles and engineering disciplines, that are recognized internationally and facilitates both the professional and academic mobility.

Benefits of Getting Accredited With Us

  • Improved Higher Education Quality
  • Full compliance with the regulations
  • Membership as a partner organization
  • Receive ASAEMP electronic publications

from the President

Our foremost strength lies in valuing higher education and looking forward to ensure the finest higher academic standards across the globe for Universities, colleges and high schools in the architectural engineering and Project management sector.

Our Vision

Our accreditation body aims at the improvement of engineering and project management education in the United States and acquire leading position among other accreditation bodies.

Our Mission

ASAEPM strives to provide guidance to all engineering and project management institutes in sustaining their education standards that are aligned with the criteria set by the architectural engineering and Project management industry.